When Web Alliance International first started it was primarily a Website Design and hosting company but it has now grown to become much more than a Website design firm. So we are now Web Alliance International Agency, LLC. We know that a Website is important but not the only way to market a company so in addition to on-line endeavors we also use many traditional marketing techniques to drive customers to our clients website and to their brick and mortar locations. We have helped hundreds of business owners in the tri-state area achieve their goals since 1995.

The Web Alliance International Agency team have been working with the network now known as the Internet since it has become available commercially. Some of their clients have included: Barbie®, Playskool®, Fisher-Price®, Hot Wheels® Electronic Toys and Timex®, Zenith®, Soundesign® Home Electronics.

Our firm develops professionally designed cost effective marketing campaigns that include Ad layout and design, brochures, business cards, newsletters, sell sheets, distinct Websites ranging in size from a single page to full multimedia presentations, custom programming, etc. We have won over 20 American Graphic Design Awards.

While we use state of the art technologies in our business, it is our people who make us stand ahead of the other firms. We offer a thoroughly comprehensive package, employing some of the best talent in the industry from marketing through creative design and engineering. This approach enables us to provide better service to our clients than our competition.

Thomas Forgione

Thomas Forgione – Marketing Director & Chief of Customer Happiness

Thomas grew up in family owned businesses, from retail companies in business since 1902 to successful bars and restaurants. He is a marketing professional with over 30 years experience which includes over 20 Years of Website design and marketing experience.

In addition, he was an instructor at Ocean County College for over 18 years where he taught: Marketing classes, Web Master Certificate, Web Design, Website Marketing and Social Networking to name a few. He is also a seminar speaker and author.

When Tom first started Web Alliance International, Inc. in 1995 it was just a website design and hosting company. But since then it has grown into a full service advertising agency now named Web Alliance International Agency, LLC. He never dreamed that $1,500 and a 486 Compaq computer (with a 9600 baud modem) would turn into the company it is today. He always says “I could never have done it without the help of many very talented people”.

Glenn Foster – Art Director

Glenn Foster is an established Art Director of Web Alliance International Agency, LLC. who began his career as a package designer, typesetter, presentation graphics artist and a senior graphic designer.  With over 25 years of experience in Graphic Design, from using a T-square in the 80’s to Creative Suite software in the present, he guides his team to providing quality and consistent work. His goal is to make sure that the clients branding is consistent throughout all materials, whether it be colors, type, composition, photography or correct use of the logo.

With an A.A.S in Visual Communications Technology and a Bachelors of Art in Advertising Design from Trenton State College he strives for perfection in his work. He continues to advance his knowledge in the design field through seminars, books and various web sites. An Award Winning designer with over twenty awards in the last three years from American Graphic Design Awards is a testament of his dedication to his clients.

Whether it is a doodle or a publication, he gives it his utmost thought and consideration.

Rick – Copywriter

Rick has more than ten years experience in building brands through compelling advertising and marketing.

Aside from his extensive work in advertising agencies throughout New York and New Jersey, he has also worked in the marketing departments for global online brands like DoubleClick and Yahoo! His knowledge of multi-channel marketing strategies and best practices help Web Alliance International clients increase their brand’s presence and sales.