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Facebook Marketing Strategy

Why us?

We have been placing ads on Facebook since they allowed it. If you are a local business looking for more store traffic or a service company looking for more customers Facebook ads can help you. Our Facebook Ad Agency services are designed to strategically target new customers for your business. Let us help you with your social media marketing plans.

We are NOT New to Marketing.

Our Facebook strategy is different because we combine our 25 years of strategic marketing experience with Facebook advertising. We know how to identify your “Best Customer” using technology in conjunction with what is available on Facebook. This makes your marketing go farther while exposing your company to people who are more likely to buy from you. Everything from a competitive analysis to cloning and deep dive demographics and more.

You have probably read many mind-numbing articles about Facebook advertising but you need to be very careful as Facebook Advertising might seem easy but it is not. If you are not careful, the learning curve could cost you thousands of dollars and many sleepless nights.

Contact us below to schedule a call or in person meeting so we can go over your marketing goals. There is no obligation and we promise the conversation will enlighten you.

Creation of Facebook Campaign

$699 One time.
Includes: Facebook account set up, Campaign set up, Target audience creation, copy and image selection.

Monthly Maintenance

Starts at $550.00 per month.
Includes: Weekly review of ads , progress, and tweaks (if necessary).

All advertising budgets are determined before implementation. (amount you spend to run the ad on Facebook.)

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