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Are you looking for a digital marketing agency in NJ? We utilize digital marketing services to promote your business, generate leads and get more qualified traffic to your website. Let us be your outsourced marketing agency.

One of the many reasons digital marketing is a great way to market to your prospects and turn them into customers is that it can be highly targeted and tested often to ensure the best outcome.  It is also much more affordable than traditional advertising.

We serve many different industries and pride ourselves on the results we achieve for our clients with their digital marketing.

The good news is our digital marketing services are a complete service.  From designing attention getting ads with professional copy to get your customers attention.  After all nothing happens until a sale is made and sales start with targeting the best customers with the right marketing.

A few things (of many) we need to know to determine your best strategy:

  • Sales Goals
  • Budget
  • Lifetime Value (LTV) of your average customers.
  • How will you convert the visitors/calls from the ads into customers?
  • What are you currently doing to generate sales?

Why Choose Web Alliance International Agency as your digital marketing services agency?

Web Alliance International Agency is an award winning agency that has been providing digital marketing services to our clients since 1995. We can provide many references and testimonials from our clients. In addition, our founder is a Marketing Expert, Author and instructor of digital marketing. You could not be in better hands.

Digital Marketing Services

  • Social Media Marketing (i.e. Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, etc.)
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Email Marketing
  • SMS Marketing
  • Google Ads

Digital Marketing Benefits

Save time, money and resources.

Build your brand across multiple online channels.

Increase your Return On Investment.

Maximize customer exposure.

Track your marketing campaign results.

Achieve more consumer engagement.

Rework your marketing strategy based on activity.

Implement precise audience targeting.

Improve your sales.

Digital Marketing Services FAQ

Is digital marketing affordable?2020-10-15T13:58:33+00:00

This question cannot be answered until a full assessment of your company’s sales goals is completed.  NO agency can guess at this number and be considered professional.

In comparison to other traditional means of marketing digital marketing is very affordable.

Consider if you did a direct mail piece to 10,000 people it would cost approximately 0.15 per address ($1,500), 0.35 postage ($3,500) Printing ($200) Total $5,200!  For example, Facebook is approximately $8.00 – $10.00 per thousand. In this example $80.00 – $100.00, (Prices vary.)!

From the SBA:

Many businesses allocate a percentage of actual or projected gross revenues – usually between 2-3 percent for run-rate marketing and up to 3-5 percent for start-up marketing. But the allocation actually depends on several factors: the industry you’re in, the size of your business, and its growth stage. For example, during the early brand building years retail businesses spend much more than other businesses on marketing – up to 20 percent of sales.

As a general rule, small businesses with revenues less than $5 million should allocate 7-8 percent of their revenues to marketing. This budget should be split between 1) brand development costs (which includes all the channels you use to promote your brand such as your website, blogs, sales collateral, etc.), and 2) the costs of promoting your business (campaigns, advertising, events, etc.).

This percentage also assumes you have margins in the range of 10-12 percent (after you’ve covered your other expenses, including marketing).

If your margins are lower than this, then you might consider eating more of the costs of doing business by lowering your overall margins and allocating additional spending to marketing. It’s a tough call, but your marketing budget should never be based on just what’s left over once all your other business expenses are covered.

Is digital marketing right for my business?2020-10-15T13:41:20+00:00

Digital marketing is for any business that wants to attract and acquire customers in an affordable way.

Who needs digital marketing services?2020-10-15T13:37:02+00:00

Any business that wants to attract customers by utilizing a targeted, trackable approach.

From Attorneys to Veterinarian and more.

What are digital marketing services?2020-10-15T13:29:38+00:00

Digital marketing is the promotion of your companies message through the utilization of great website design, social media marketing (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tiktok, Pay Per Click marketing (Google, Bing), SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Email Marketing and more.