Are you a company that sells B to B (Business to Business)? Looking for marketing advice on how to market to business owners?  The tips below will show you how to market to business owners.

Make sure before you implement any techniques, when marketing to business owners, you have a fantastic website that will convert prospects into customers! All marketing techniques and strategies should incorporate your website address.

When marketing to business owners try some of these suggestions.

Here are some tips for How to market To Business Owners?

Create a Professional Company Brand

Did you know that people will remember a branded company approximately 20% more then one that is not branded? That percentage should not be overlooked. Your company needs a corporate brand which would include a professional logo, correct color choices, branded image elements, etc. This brand trickles down to every marketing piece your produce from your business cards to your website.

Get a Professionally Designed Company Website

All of your marketing and advertising is supported by your website. In today’s economy not having a website is like not having a business card. Many people look for your company on line to research you before they decide to do business with you. Your website should include everything required to make a sale. From contact forms to call to action buttons, videos, webinars, free reports, email sign ups and more.

Search Engine Pay Per Click (PPC)

Once you have a GREAT website sign up for Google AdWords and create online advertising triggered by keywords that point to your website. All the large search engines have PPC opportunities.

Direct Mail

Think of it. All those mail persons out there becoming your sales force! With a properly designed mailing piece directed to a target market you can get the attention of your prospects. You can use postcards or letters or product samples, etc. If you are using letters a great technique is to hand address them to ensure they get opened. When was the last time you threw out a hand addressed letter? Keep in mind that any direct mail campaign must be tested and done frequently. If you are going to do it only once then you are probably wasting your time. An average undeliverable rate is 10 – 12 percent.

Direct Email

Just like direct mail you can secure opt-in emails via a list broker. The great thing about email marketing is you can track how many people opened the email, if and where they clicked through to your website and if was actually delivered, etc. Then you could produce reports and resend emails to those who opened or clicked through. Email marketing is great for reconnaissance and follow up. Check out this post How to generate sales leads for your business?

Cold Calling (Telephone)

After you have implemented a direct mail campaign call the business owners on the list and ask then if they are interested in the information you provided and set up appointments with them. If this is your first time doing this record your voice (not the callers) so you can go back and tweak your pitch.

Cold Calling (Foot Work)

When you are on an appointment check your list and see if any of your prospects are near by. If they are stop in and say hello. Make sure you have information to leave with them.

Join Networking Groups

Networking is a great way to get in front of business owners. The best way to utilize them is to make sure you go to every event. Networking is just like advertising the more you do the more likely they are to remember you. Have plenty of professional business cards on hand. One technique is to actually tell your fellow networkers that you pay for leads that close.

Friends and Family

You would be surprised to know that many of your friends and family members are wither business owners or know people that are business owners. Ask them to introduce you.


LinkedIn is a great place to find business owners. Start by developing your network and see where who they lead you to.

These are just some of the many ways to market to business owners. If you would like to know more ways on how to market to business owners just contact us at 732-818-0080 and we will go over all of the possibilities and advanced strategies designed to get your cash register ringing!