The problem with every door direct mail from the US Postal service is that you are still gambling. Every Door Direct mail is still mass marketing NOT hyper target marketing. (Even if it might look this way.) Let’s say you are a plumber and you want to target a specific postal route because through a site evaluation you have determined the people living in houses in this area are your market. The truth is that this is gambling and will ultimately cost you more money.

What if in a community of homes of 300 only 100 are actually the customers you want to call you? Should you spend the extra money just in case? NO. Wouldn’t it be better to know exactly who is living there? If they are still in the home? And the biggest question ARE THEY THE BEST PROSPECTS? YES!

Did you know that some pre-sorted first class direct mail runs about .30 – .40 per piece? That’s not 0.16 but there would be much less waste as you would be hitting only the qualified prospects.

Now this is just for companies targeting Consumers NOT businesses. It’s worse if you are B2B as Every Door Direct Mail does not give you an option to mail JUST to businesses. You have to choose Business and Residential. And that for sure is going to cost you money.

Ask yourself these questions.

Who is my customer?

What is the message I want to present to them?

Where do they live?

How do I get my message to them?

What media should I use?

Give us a call and we will answer all of these questions and more.

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