Here is an amazing, website conversion, cash register ringing, life changing, technique to convert browsers into customers on your website. It is so revolutionary that it might even help you become more attractive to the opposite sex and increase your social status. It might even help you get elected to a political office or get you a raise at your job. It also could help you get the respect you deserve from your friends and or spouse (maybe).

It is easy to do, will not hurt a bit and you can do it in less than 10 minutes.

Are you ready for this one mistake that thousands if not millions of websites make everyday? Tell the people whom are browsing your website exactly what you want them to do! Did you miss it? Some people will read all your text and look at all your images but you MUST have Call To Actions in place to guide them to the next step. DON’T EXPECT THEY WILL KNOW WHAT TO DO…THEY WILL NOT!

Keep in mind this technique applies to everything you do, ads, billboards, business cards. EVERYTHING!

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