Many websites lack the proper elements to drive sales. In addition to not having re-marketing or email collection strategies they are missing out on a simple and easy to implement tactic called Call To Actions (CTA). A CTA is an image or text block that sole purpose it to get visitors to do something. You have probably seen call to actions in advertising. Call Now! Or Call Today! Or Visit our website for more information! These are all call to actions as they tell a reader what you want them to do next.

I find images that stand out on a web page are effective to get visitors to the important parts of your website. Text is important but you must also use larger, stand out elements to guide them where you want them to go. A big mistake most web designers make is they forget to put the call to actions on every page of the website. Once they leave the home page, they still need to be driven to the right content.

Try it yourself on your website. Make sure you track the results with analytics so you know the visitors are actually clicking on the images.