Many business owners are cautious when it comes to new marketing strategies because they simply do not have the technical knowledge required to make a decision so they shy away from anything that seems too technical. And that is hurting their business. As marketers we occasionally speak in acronyms. PPC for Pay Per Click, SEO for Search Engine Optimization, ROI for Return On Investment. You get it.  But now there are words like funnels, email blasts, work flow, auto responders, etc. that are now part of the marketing jargon confusing business owners even more.

So when a marketing professional says to a client we are going to set up a lead generation campaign to drive visitors to your URL and then give them lead bait to sign up for an email list that has autoresponders, behavior triggers and re-targeting attached they go numb and glaze over and start thinking about what they are going to have for lunch.

We make sure that all clients are educated in exactly what each tactic means and why it’s important. Then they can make an informed decision.