No SaleThere are many books on the subject of marketing and website design but I just wanted to boil it down so you never take your mind off of the importance of using your website effectively.

A website is NOT something you create and leave to gather cyber dust on the Internet.  Think of it as a living thing that needs to be updated / fed often and in some cases very often.  Your website should be looked upon as a 24-hour salesperson that is working hard for you.  Most companies get into the “yea, we have a website but it doesn’t bring in any sales” syndrome because they are not using it properly.

How do you fix a bad website?

Here is a list of things you can add to your website to help you achieve your marketing goals.

  • Make sure that your website has a method of contact on every page.  This can be a contact form or an image Call To Action (CTA) directing them to a form.  Please remember that most will not fill out a ling form so keep the inputs to a minimum.
  • Stay away from anything that moves (Flash and jQuery, etc.) that does not add to the users experience.  In other words if the imagery does not DIRECTLY relate to or help in the sales process then leave it off.  ESPECIALLY moving images.
  • Add video Testimonials and make a prominent Call To Action (CTA) image directing people to the page.  Make sure you have more than three.  You can combine written with video as well.  If you sell many services have testimonials weaved into each service page.
  • Have a video (Talking head) of the owner speaking about the business and the BENEFITS of doing business with them.  Do NOT bash the competition.  Don’t even mention them.  3 minutes maximum unless you are very charismatic and have important stuff to say.
  • Include case studies of previous clients you have helped.
  • Use a lot of text.  If you need to elaborate then do so.  If someone wants to stop reading they will.  “It’s better to have and not to need than to need and not to have.”  Having a short amount of text is like having your salesperson stop speaking after 200 words.  Don’t steal copy from other websites and don’t use copy that is on other websites even if you have permission.
  • Include all links to your social media sites you update frequently.  If you don’t update them often then leave them off.  Better yet update them often.
  • Make sure your navigation is logical and place the most important links first.  Sorry, the about the company link is not the most important.
  • Keep your design consistent.  Keep the logo in the same place on every page.  You never know which page someone is coming in on. If you have a cryptic logo make sure you use a tag line that is descriptive.
  • Use contrasting color.  The best is white pages with black text.  Use red but very sparingly to make things stand out.
  • Have a free download or report that your prospects can download.  You can make it so they can only download it if they give you’re their email address.  Or if you don’t want to take an email make sure it is heavily branded.
  • A/B Split test your home page often.
  • Create the website for your customers NOT for you.
  • Create a blog and blog often.

There are many more things you can do to increase sales.  If you need help just give us a call.

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