Videos are the hottest trend in marketing today because with video marketing you can tell a compelling story and keep people engaged longer. You can use imagery and music to make it engaging, and maybe it will go viral. Video is a great way to promote your company and its products and services.

You could use video for testimonials and I am sure you will agree, are much more compelling than written testimonials. You could use video for product demonstration as well. Make a talking head video of the owner of the company talking about how great the company is and how much he loves his company and how it can help customers.

You can also video record seminars and you can use videos from webinars and repackage this information and either sell it or give it away for free as content for people to download so they can find out more information about your company.

Video testimonials and off-the-cuff video don’t have to be overly produced. It shouldn’t look too produced because video testimonials that look overproduced might not be believed. You want to be credible so smart phone quality videos are fine for video testimonials. As long as you can make out who these people are, what they’re saying and keep it short under three minutes.

Product demonstrations and how to videos, talking head videos from the President or CEO should be professionally produced with proper lighting and easy to understand audio. They shouldn’t look grainy. They should be well-lit. There are many video cameras in the market place that you can use to take a great video.

Great lighting and sound are important. Make sure that you have good lighting with clean, crisp backgrounds. Whether it’s produced or unproduced, it should still look good. You need to make sure your video is not too long. If it’s instructional they’ll watch it, but if it’s a sales they might get tired and just decide not to listen to the whole thing thus missing important parts of your message.

Your video should also be thought out before you shoot. You should have a formal or outline script if a how to or talking head BUT NO SCRIPT for testimonials. When shooting video make sure that your personality comes through and you are genuine and honest and likable in all the videos that you do.

If you are using video to promote your company make sure you don’t make any sexual, political, racial or religious comments. Don’t go off topic, stay on topic. If you go off topic, your viewers will glaze over and they will stop paying attention because if you go off topic they might get bored.

Video Marketing

When you create videos, you can use them in multiple places. Shoot one video and use it in multiple places.

  • You can turn that video into a blog post by having it transcribed.
  • You can use it in a PowerPoint presentation.
  • You can use the transcription in a report that you can sell or give away for free for an email or an address.
  • You could use that video as part of a compilation of videos that you’ll give to your potential customers on a CD before they decide to do business with you.
  • You could post them on social media.
  • You can put it on video hosting sites like YouTube and Vimeo.
  • And more.

Create a business YouTube channel just for your business, not on your personal name, your business name and every time you shoot a video upload it. You should encourage your staff to come up with unique ways to show your products through video.

Make sure that your video is branded. Have your web address and captions on your video, put your logo is behind you on a wall while you’re speaking or make sure that your video has a watermark in some places of your company name or what you do, nothing wrong with putting your phone number on it also because this is a promotional video.

You want to have your company information on it, don’t forget that. Many companies forget to put their information on it. They feel like they don’t want to jam the brand down people’s throats but that’s baloney. If they’re watching their video, they’re getting information from you for free, that’s the trade off, they’re going to see your name, and company name. Don’t be afraid. Do it, be bold. Use bold advertising. Meek doesn’t work when advertising.

If you have a problem with doing your own videos, you’re shy, there are a plethora of actors and actresses out there that you can get to do a video if you want or you might have someone in your employment of the company that would be great at doing a video, they’re very photogenic or they speak well. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be done. Video will help drive traffic to your website.

After you do it a few times, guess what will happen? It will become better and better every time you do it, but if you don’t do it once, you’ll never see it getting better. If it gets the message across to the right customer, you’ve done your job. Now go shoot some video.

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