smilyquestionDid you ever speak with a customer and they tell you that they purchased something from another company THAT YOU SELL?

In my conversations with clients, I find that this happens to mostly all of them and it is a problem you could solve so easily you are going to laugh at how simple it is.

The easiest way to take care of this problem is remind them.  When someone buys something from your company you, IMMEDIATELY let them know what you also offer.  If you have an online shopping cart, you could do this with upsell or recommended items tactic but if you do not sell online, you and your staff could simply tell your customers other items that you sell at time of purchase or by communicating with them after the sale.  Taking 20 seconds after every sale will increase your revenue. I don’t know what your markup is on your goods and services but I am sure with some simple math you could see how this will increase your bottom line if you only sold 10% more per year by using this tactic.

You could also send a monthly or weekly message to existing customers via email and direct mail or with a blog post. The cost to implement this via email or your blog is so low it is within the reach of all companies and it can be automated!  The message would promote products that the customer has not purchased before but might complement their recent purchase.  Or you could send an educational email letting them know how they can use an item that you sell.  Teach your customers and you will become a valuable resource for them.

In addition, you could create short video snippets with your smartphone describing your products and services, upload it to YouTube and send an email to your customers letting them know.  You could also post it on social media.

This article is an example of how it is done.  It educates you on a tactic that should be part of your overall marketing strategy and below I will tell you all the other things we can do for you to help you increase your sales.

In addition to helping our clients with unique and creative marketing we also offer the following. (We have won many awards for them as well.)

  • Advertising Creation and Placement (Non-Commission)
  • Billboard Design
  • Blog Design
  • Brochure Creation
  • Catalog Creation
  • Corporate Identity Design
  • Direct Mail Design, Strategy and Mailing
  • Email Collection and Deployment Strategies
  • Search Engine Pay Per Click
  • Label Design
  • Lead Capture Strategies
  • Logo Design
  • On-line and Offline Marketing Strategies
  • On-line Video Marketing
  • Product Packaging Design
  • Radio Commercial Consultation
  • Sales Force Strategy Consulting
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Sign Design
  • Tradeshow Materials and Booths
  • TV Commercial Creation and Distribution (Non-Commission)
  • Website Design
  • Website Programming

Everything we do is custom.  Never a template.

Discount printing through our vendors. (We negotiate for you.)

So if you are in need of anything just give us a call at 732-818-0080. As always the consultation is free.

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