Some business owners create their marketing strategy in January but many do not. The good news is if you own a business you can prepare your marketing for the rest of the year right now. That’s right! Why wait? By using an advertising and marketing agency, like ours, you can get it all done now without the stress. This way you can send a branded, thoughtful message throughout the year that is designed to attract customers and make the cash register ring, cha ching!, cha ching!.

Ads, email campaigns, website promotions, social media promotions, radio spots, direct mail, TV Commercials, etc. can all be created in advance and be scheduled so they are on auto pilot and ready to go.

Don’t be rushed into making poor decisions.

You’ve seen it before, salespeople come out of the woodwork, and right before a season starts, knowing that companies procrastinate and will now rush to “sign up” to get in on a “special deal” in time for the season (It’s probably happening to you right now.) These ads usually do not produce the results expected because they were not thought out and the company allowed the media to create the brandless, mass produced advertisement for them to “save time” and this usually leaves the company without any return.

Here are some of the many reasons to do it now:

  1. In some media you can save money by getting in on before season ad inventory.
  2. You’ll have more time to think about your ads and create a campaign that will be more effective.
  3. You can do research to see who your customers actually are, what they read, watch and listen to.
  4. You can work out deals with your suppliers to increase your per sale profit.
  5. By creating your campaigns and advertisements early you’ll have more time to “work on” your business instead of “working in” your business.
  6. You will experience less stress!

Looking forward to hearing from you.