What keeps you up at night? Even in a thriving economy many businesses don’t have the sales or profits they had hoped for. The reasons may not be obvious to you – until we stand back together and look at your business. Then they become crystal clear.

We have a proven track record of helping businesses improve and grow. Let us help you go back to basics and revisit every aspect of your businesses:

  • Who are you selling to – have their needs changed?
  • Are your current customers defecting – why?
  • How do you distinguish your business from your competitors?
  • Do customer service, info systems and other functions help or hinder your business?
  • Is your operation efficient or are your costs too high?
  • Do you know which products, services and customers drag your business down?
  • Is your on-line and off-line marketing effective?
  • Are you making all the money you need?

We have never seen a business that can’t be improved by asking the right questions. So we partnered with Tamar Sherer, an expert in business improvement, to bring this invaluable service to our important clients.

Until 2001, Tamar was Senior Vice President at JPMorgan Chase, where she was responsible for developing competitive strategy for a $1 billion business. She also managed Product Management, and was the Senior Financial Officer for the business.

In addition to extensive experience in management and consulting, Tamar has owned and run small businesses, has actively counseled small business owners, and has been Adjunct Professor at Richard Stockton College, where she taught Business Strategy. She holds an MBA from Temple University.

The bottom line? You know what keeps you up at night: we can help!

Call us today to schedule your 90 minute consultation. The investment is only $279.00.

This valuable service will help your business and should not be passed up.