I know that you come to my blog to get website design and marketing advice but today I want to bring to your attention something I that is gnawing at me. Last week I was on an appointment and the client was very unhappy because the service a “professional” was giving them was sub par. So maybe this little bit of counsel can help.

Unfortunately the field of marketing is easy to get into, almost as easy as getting into sales, and because it’s so easy there are many people out there that are in it to defraud people or there knowledge is limited or is in an industry that is not related to yours. So it is VERY IMPORTANT that before you hire any person to perform ANY marketing task for your company you get PROFESSIONAL REFERENCES! Now when I say get professional references I don’t mean “personal” references (get them too).

Get at least 5 – 10 or more clients that this EXACT MARKETING PERSON, NOT JUST THE COMPANY THEY WORK FOR has worked with to a SUCCESSFUL GOAL COMPLETION not older then a year old. So if a marketing (or any person for that matter) person comes to you that you want to do business with make absolutely sure they have a track record and will provide you with a list of WINS before you sign a contract or give him a deposit! Remember that a win for another company is not necessarily a win for you so make sure you are comparing apples to apples. Also, if there is anything in a contract that makes you go hummm then have your attorney look it over! Just because they have a website and might be advertising on the radio, etc does NOT mean they can get the job done. Have them prove it and you will sleep much better at night.

As always your comments are appreciated.