Do you want a great idea to make money by offering your services as a bonus and market your company without incurring any marketing or advertising costs? Find a company that sells to customers that are similar to your client base. Then ask them if they want to offer a bonus of your consultation to their customers. Let’s say you’re an electrician and you team up with an appliance store, you could put together a 15-30 minute electrical inspection for customers who purchase a new washer and dryer. (Make sure you tell them the value of the offer. Ex. 30 Minute Electrical inspection a $99.00 value.)

This example gives the appliance store the ability to offer a very valuable bonus to their customers and it gives you the ability to get in front of new customers. Even if you only get a few sales right away from other things they need, it will help you build a HOT prospect list for your future marketing.  And keep in mind you could do the same for them.

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